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A good coil binding machine

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After 2 years of taking my projects in to be bound at my local print shop, I think I want to try this myself and save the costs.

We are starting to need so many of these now with unit studies and other projects.


For those that use them could you recommend a good machine?

I would think this is pretty easy to do once you get the hang of it.


Current uses:

Binding 25, 50, 100 pages writing paper (thinner newspaper type ZB paper)

Binding 25 - 100 page unit studies, regular paper





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I've been using the GBC ProClick P50 for years (same one since 2009). The ProClick easy edit spines are my favorite, but I think the max is a 45 sheet capacity (I use them with considerably more though). I have some larger 3:1 pitch spirals that I use when its a notebook that won't be used often (like for reference), or if I have a huge notebook to bind (available in much larger sizes). If I can though, I'll split a notebook into A & B and use proclick spines. 


I reuse the proclick spines and my notebook backs/covers over and over (kind of a linen cardstock for the back, an empty laminate pouch cut to size for the cover). I just toss the spiral coils. For the basic spiral coils, a pair of coil crimpers to finish off the ends is well worth it.


Best homeschool purchase I ever made :D

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I love my proclick. I like that it makes circular holes, thus making the edges wear more evenly, rather than cornered holes that tend to rip. I also love the proclick snap coils, they help the spine stand straight and not schlump, easy to edit, fold back upon itself, pages don't come loose or rip out. its the only time/reason I have considered getting anything of the sort. I'm actually planning to purchase another one. I've had mine for about 4?ish years.

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