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too much noise!


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My ds4 has never liked noise. In the 9 passenger vehicle he sits in the far back, when the radio is on we have it on low in the front. Anything louder causes him to shut down, cover his ears, rock and beg for it to be off. Even favorite music.


We were at a live show yesterday-one he wanted to see-and he was practically begging to leave. Too loud, too many people .


How do I help him?

I'd love to spend time in the car listening to audio books-but currently that's impossible. He can't handle the noise.

Leaving the fair, or the store, or a show is impractical.

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My youngest (NT) has only recently been able to handle noise at 9. He still covers his ears in the theatre when they show the ad about how great their sound is ;)

In preschool, I talked with his teacher. We made it okay for him to stand off the mat and away from the group during singing, etc. He still participated, it was just too loud in the group.

My hearing is very sensitive, too, so I get it. My DH does not get it. So understanding that it really is TOO loud is most of the battle. He's not just being difficult. It really does hurt.

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Earplugs will turn down the volume on things, but not block it completely. I always have a set for each of us in my purse. We use them at theaters, at concerts, whenever we need to.


The headphones work as well, unless your son feels funny with them on his head because they attract attention. The earplugs are smaller, but would require your help to put them in. You'd have to practice on yourself a few times to be sure you're doing it right. If you're doing it right, after a few seconds of them being in your ears, they expand and the sounds slowly fade away.

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Absolutely noise reducing headphones!   They have such cute ones these days - Check out these Panda ones for under $20!




This would have made life so much easier for one of my kids.  He is so sensitive to sounds and we just had to avoid them when he was little.  Something cool like these would have been a great gift!

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