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Attention: The Buxton handbag shipped on Dec. 28 is still not here. That is all. nt

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I called and talked to an actual person, who said that (1) the bags had been backordered, and (2) that my bag was shipped *yesterday*, Feb. 11, and is in Los Angeles even as we speak.


In the scope of things, it's not a big deal, just a minor annoyance, so I'm not really complaining...

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I've been watching your postings regarding this bag because I, too, have been interested. I saw it quite some time ago, and it looks great. I'm so glad that yours finally arrived. I hope you'll post about it again once you've had some time to use it and determine whether or not it's as good as it appears. Hope you enjoy it!



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Have you filled it yet? How does it really feel when it is full. Is the leather nice? Can you tell I have been sort of sitting on the fence about this???Melissa


I ordered it from the Buxton site, not from QVC or HSN. On the Buxton site you can upgrade to a higher quality leather for $10, which I did. I don't know how different that might be from the "regular" one.


It is *very* soft leather. I like it.


There's an flap that closes over the top. It has a zippered pouch which you can open without getting into the rest of the purse. I put my reading glasses and a pen in that. The flap also has a zippered pocket on the inside that is made of netting. I don't have anything in that, yet.


There are two sections inside. Neither closes completely; the flap sort of covers them, IYKWIM, but small things could fall out. Which is why there are a couple of zippered pockets, also netting, inside. I put lipstick and other small things in those. In one of the two sections I have my cute Mary Englebreit calendar :-), and in the other is a tube of hand lotion and a Gideon New Testament. There is still room for my sunglasses in their case. The outer of the two inner sections has an outer zipper which allows it to expand. You might have seen suitcases like that. I have ample room so far.


On the outside of the purse, which is next to me when I have the purse on my shoulder, is another zippered compartment. My small wallet is in there. It's easy to reach and I don't need to open the bag.


On the inner inside section there are some "slots" sewn into the fabric liner, which I assume were intended to hold credit cards and whatnot, but they are not wide enough. There are also some other pockets sewn into the lining; I haven't decided what to put in them, yet.


The thing that sold me on the bag is the little pocket on the strap to hold a cell phone. I hate having to dig through my purse to find the blasted thing, and often, outer pockets on purses muffle the phone's ringing so I can't hear it. No problem with this one.


The adjustable shoulder strap is not leather; it's the same color as the leather, but it is a fabric webbing. It's long enough to go over my head (I hate carrying a purse or hanging it off my shoulder; I prefer putting the strap over my head).


So far, I'm thinking it was worth the money. I have spent more for leather purses which I cannot use even though they are prettier :-)

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Guest artmaker

No wonder it is so cheap....The strap is fabric. No where on there site do they mention that. When they emailed me with the amount. Instead of $54. for 2 bags they charged me $80. When I questioned this amount after much stammering I was told that I got the upgraded version. No where on the site do they mention that either. I told him his advertising on the site was less than honest. He agreed with me. They are not worth dealing with. Somehow I feel this company is not honest and will take advantage of whomever they can when they can. So that is that..... the strap is sooooo tacky.

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