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Is anyone using Principles of Mathematics by Katherine Loop?

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Just wondering if anyone could give me a quick review of how it's going.  My second question is that on the website, the author states that these two books could be used as each one semester courses with an older kid as a review before Algebra.  Any thoughts on that recommendation.


My ninth grader is just floundering in math . . .using the end of Saxon 8/7 and I've been stubbornly making him plug along but today am investigating some other possibilities.  I haven't heard much about this new series and not much came up on a google search except reviewers who were furnished the books  . . . not actual users.


Thanks for any information you can give me.

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Hi Janet,


I am using Principles of Mathematics - Book 1.  I like the student textboook.  But I do not like the the homework pages or the quizzes & tests.


I do agree that you could work through both books in a single year, which would cover all the mathematics that would be needed to be sufficiently prepared for algebra.


Please feel free to ask more questions - but we are only on week two.



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