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8 yo boys and shoes


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BTDT. Mine is 9 years old, cannot keep his shoe laces tied and I cannot find good velcro shoes in his size. One rainy day, I took him to an event in a college campus which is in a vehicle restricted zone - so, I had to walk for half a mile with him to get there - and his laces came undone every 5 steps. He had to sit and tie them up (they were muddy and wet already) and I remember tightening them 5-6 times in the rain for him and then I gave up and told him that he was on his own. He cried and dragged his feet with the untied laces to the event and we were late. I posted and asked of suggestions here before. He says that he had been playing basketball with untied laces all year long because he could not keep them tightly tied.


That day, I bought these elastic shoe laces because for me this was not a fight worth fighting. We have not looked back since. They are great and now, I can buy the best sneakers that fit him (wide sizes) and replace the laces with these ones. Highly recommend them (or any other brand of this kind): https://www.amazon.com/LACES-Elastic-Shoelace-Fastening-System/dp/B007DLVLDY

There are also DIY tutorials online on making your own using shock chords and that might help as well.

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My kiddo doesn't like that either, so she carefully unlaces new shoes and then laces them up with elastic. We've had that roll of elastic kicking around since before Woolworth's closed, so it's good she's making use of it! Just make a knot at the top and it's set.


If your kid likes laces laces, though, two thoughts: Use flat laces instead of round laces, and be sure to tie square knots instead of granny knots. That will keep them tied longer. I also find it helpful, when making my bow, to loop it around an extra time before tightening.

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What about the cheep canvas slip on shoes? The kind of look like sneakers without laces. I'm too lazy to go look for a picture.


My DS is 14, and I still have to tell him if an occasion requires shoes that tie.

My son has very narrow feet and any sort of shoes that slip on fall off.


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We hardly have any shoelaces in our house, lol.  The kids have Merrell low hiking shoes (velcro), Merrell jungle mocs (slip ons), and pull-on boots.  DD has one pair of shoes that have laces.  

[side note: I know Merrell is a pricey brand, but a few years ago I noticed that the boys tore holes in every other pair of shoes except the pair of Merrells that MIL got DS1 as a gift one year.  After that, I decided to spend more and pass them down.  They are kid proof in my experience, but not dog proof.  I've even washed the hiking ones.]


Me personally, I have always double knotted laces--but only the loops.  Double-knotting the whole shebang never seemed to be as secure for me, and forget the traditional bow!  I tend to be a sandals person until it gets freezing out.  Then I like clogs.  :D  I do have some lace-up boots, so I do still need that skill, lol.  DH almost exclusively wears pull-on boots.

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