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SAT subject test before high school


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My dd took the SAT subject test in biology while she was in 7th grade last June.  Her scores have already been wiped from her record!  Ugh.  We wanted to use them for California a-g, and my dh was earlier on the phone with them to get her scores restored.   :cursing:


You have been warned.   


(Other dd who took the AP CS exam as an 8th grader a couple of years ago has her scores are on her record without any additional input from me.)  

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When I called Collegeboard, the customer rep told me to mail them as per their instruction on their webpage. The rep said they purge in August usually to get ready for Sept test date. That is for all SAT, so the general SAT and the subject SAT.


"Scores for Eighth Graders and Below

If you test in the eighth grade or below, your scores are removed from your file at the end of the academic year you tested.


If you want your scores to be part of your permanent record, you must let us know before June of the year you tested. Include the following with your request:


Full identification information

Registration number

Test date

Mail your request to:


The College Board SAT Program

Attention: Talent Search Scores

P. O. Box 025505

Miami, FL 33102"




Hopefully it is just archived. Good luck.

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You also need to check if they will accept a-g classes done before high school. Technically, the website says that only math and LOTE classes from middle school will be considered. I have no idea how strict they are about this. This is why we pushed DD's US history SAT to her 9th grade.

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