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The Teachers Lounge 9-13-2016


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***WE'RE OPEN***


Sorry for not having the Lounge open yesterday. We don't officially do school on Mondays.

Although, I did teach the kids a crockpot recipe (Home Ec?), they went to their theatre class ( Performing Arts),

and DD18 went to a business meeting (Business Math) with me last night. So I guess there was

some education going on yesterday. B-)


What is/was for breakfast? I'm nursing a cup of coffee and munching on two double chocolate gluten free muffins.

They're homemade so they are GOOD.


What's on your or the kids schedule today? Other than keeping them to their studies, I am also contemplating 

signing up for a tap class at a community center. And I'm doing laundry so I'll have clean clothes for my trip to 

Illinois later this week.


Ask me a random question.


Talk to me! :bigear:

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Breakfast consisted of coffee and cupcakes. Not even muffins, but full-blown cupcakes.

We have speech therapy and an IEP meeting today, so school is probably not happening. And I get to be out and about for hours with a potty training 2.5 year old. Wish me luck.


I have no idea what we're having for dinner. We're basically out of groceries, and I am not going shopping until tomorrow. So I will have to get creative.


That's all for now.



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:seeya:  :seeya:


Breakfast was a cup of coffee.  Not sure if the dc ate or not. 


Agenda school (still trying to get in the groove of things), laundry and hopefully some decluttering


Supper will be something simple, sandwiches or hot dogs.  I am lazy today but also on a quest to eat food before goes bad.  Have a pack of open hot dogs and pack of open sandwich meat that need to be used.



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Jean, a goulash, stew, or jambalaya might work. Have a Crockpot?

Throw in some meat, veggies,maybe some rice. Cook on low for the next 6 or so hours.

Voila! Dinner!


I had my muffins and coffee. DD18 ate her muffins since she likes them warm. DS12 is waiting on his because he likes his cold.

Both had cheese quesadillas. They are now running lines for their theatre class. I'm contemplating a nap!

OR I could work on a manuscript I'm reviewing. Should probably get on that since I'd like it done before I head out of town later this week!

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Oh, now I remember that I wanted them to focus on memorizing their lines, keeping house, and learning to cook some simple meals this week.

NEXT week, after I get back, we'll tackle the structured schedule again. I may need to start diffusing some Rosemary essential oil this morning 

to help me FOCUS. Also, who's up for another pot of coffee??  :hurray:

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Breakfast? Coffee, egg burritos, cereal, waffles, sunny side up eggs. We all like different stuff.


Schedule? All morning gone at the Dr's office. Very little schooling this week, it's just a crazy busy week. Stressful :(


Random question? No idea- drawing a blank. Just tired after all morning at Dr's office, and all morning yesterday at eye dr. I don't do well when life impacts our schooling and not much gets done

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