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Grammar Program after First Language Lessons

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I'm looking ahead to next year.  My ds will complete FLL 4 this year, and I'd like some opinions about which grammar program to use next.  I'm looking at MCT, Analytical Grammar, and Rod and Staff.  I would love to hear from folks who have had experience using these programs.

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After FLL we spent some time with the beta version of ALL from Peace Hill Press, then in 6th grade we have picked up grammar again with AG. I'm planning to do the 3 year format. There is very little explanation, so I'm glad we have a solid background. There is a lot of diagramming which helps me feel like I can GET grammar, but which not everyone needs. I am really looking the concept of working on grammar for 10 weeks, and then doing occasional reinforcement. I have many plans for that timeslot - poetry, Killgallon, editor-in-chief type editing, extra Spanish, writing support, etc. I'm sure my students will be overjoyed!

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We love AG! Thorough, easy to implement, lots of practice which means lots of opportunities to skip exercises if it's too redundant, and spread out over 3 years so you don't feel like you're *always* doing grammar. (We alternate with writing so we're not trying to do both subjects at the same time.) AG has been effective for all 3 of my oldest so far even though they all have different learning styles and I definitely plan to use it for my next 2 when they're each done with FLL4.

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