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I don't know if this would help anyone but I have seen people looking for something to teach their child German as they don't have a school nearby. My son is in a German Saturday School and they gave us a complete book list for the whole school. So I will post it here with ISBN numbers. Hopefully it will help someone. :)


Level 2 (This is where my son is, he is considered in 2nd grade)

Der Grüne Max Lehrbuch 1  â€¢ 9783126061926

Der Grüne Max Arbeitsbuch 1 • 9783126061933


Level 3

Der Grüne Max Lehrbuch 2 • 9783126062084

Der Grüne Max Arbeitsbuch 2 • 9783126050760


Level 4

Der Grüne Max Lehrbuch 3 • 9783126062121

Der Grüne Max Arbeitsbuch 3 • 9783126062053


Level 5

geni@l klick A1 Textbook (level 1) • 9783126063135

geni@l klick A1 workbook • 9783126063142


Level A (not sure what that means, maybe Adult as there are adult classes)

Das neue Deutschmobil Lehrbuch • 9783126761048

Das neue Deutschmobil Arbeitsbuch • 9783126761017


Level 6 

geni@l klick A2 textbook (level 2) • 9783126051545

geni@l klick A2 workbook • 9783126050705


Level 7 and 8

geni@l klick B1 textbook (level 3) • 9783126062770

geni@l klick B1 workbook • 9783126062169

Einfach Grammatik • 9783468494963


Level 9 and 10

Prüfungstrainer • 9783060204526

Entdeckungsreise D–A–CH • 9783468498893

Sleepy Simon by Frank Steiper • 9783401028675


Level 11 and 12

Kaleidoskop 8th edition • 9781111344207

Prüfungstrainer AP German Lang and Culture • 9783060208722

Prüfungstrainer DSD Stufe 2 Neue Ausgabe • 9783060229000

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My son's were available on Amazon from 3rd party sellers. Some of them said they would take till October to get here and we can get his books next week, so I didn't order them, but it is an option if you can't wait THAT long. 

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Great list! Hopefully I can find it next time I am in Germany looking for books for my kids.

I ordered Klett books from Klett USA.

I ordered the geni@l klick A1 student pack for my DS10 for the WTMA German 1 class and the geni@l klick A1 online textbook and workbook for my DS11 for enrichment. The online textbook and workbook has audio and will grade for you when you type in your answer.


Their Saturday German school use Das Neue Deutschmobil series and Magnet Neu series for the kids.

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Thanks for sharing. I just looked at a sample of

Der Grüne Max Lehrbuch 1 . I really like it.


How much time do you spend dailly on German ?


Do you also have a list of suplement reading books for kids at the level of Der Grune Max 1?

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