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100% Secular progym curriculum?


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I am searching for a secular progym curriculum. I really love the approach. I've searched previous posts on this and the curriculum that end up being recommended still, nevertheless include religious content and I know many folk are okay with that in various ways. I'd like to be clear, without causing any offense, that when I say "secular" I mean 100% does not include any content from any modern day religion (no Bible, Quoran or Buddhist passages, quotes or paraphrases, for example, no matter how few or how mild). "Dead religions" (greek mythology, etc) would be fine. Again, not meaning offense - just being clear what I am searching for. Thank you :)

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Composition in the Classical Tradition is what we oldschoolers used before the rush of Christian books were published. It is a college text written for prelaw students. It is pretty graphic at times and not appropriate to be used directly with sheltered younger children, but is fine for mom to use as a teacher manual.



We also used to read and discuss Quintilian, usually in the multi-volume bilingual Loeb series.


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Composition in the Classical Tradition is always pricey. It is a college text that never got updated. So the oldest copies still work for college classes. But prices do go down some mid term when the college kids are not buying.


You might be able to get it through interlibrary loan.

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Thanks. Yes, I'll check my library - they have a pretty good interlibrary loan system.


Excellent. Then you can read it and be SURE if you like it, and by that time, the prices might be coming down a bit. That book is so expensive that photocopying a few pages at a time might be best for some people.


It works as a teacher manual when used with kids. The book isn't that long. Kids will move though only a few pages a year as you create your own lessons. The few pages you need for a year probably fall under copyright allowances.


Good luck!

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