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PSA - You mean to use segue, not segway, unless...


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The pronunciation of segue and segway is identical, which is how the more English-phonetics-based spelling came about.

I meant type, not say. I'm totally brain dead after church and community group after :o

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Yeah, duh. I totally knew this.




It's okay. I think I was 27 before I realized how the written word "epitome" was pronounced. I thought this was some different word from "epitomy."


Also, one time when I was a Legal Secretary, I somehow typed the word "July" for a client named "Julie." And yes, I sent the letter out like that. Dear July Finklestein...



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I could see a use for segway to mean the actual opening to segue rather than the act itself, sort of like how someone can go for a drive on Gofora Drive. On the other hand, from a clarity perspective I think it's probably best for one spelling to just supplant the other -- English has too many "a lighter lighter is a match's match" type opportunities to begin with. :) They are fun to say, but rough to use.

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