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Need new wallet/ purse/ phone holder clutch


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I still have littles & don't like to carry a purse, I just throw my wallet & a few diapers in the stroller usually.

I'm in need of a new wallet though that can double as a small cross body bag when needed.


Here are my requirements- see if you have any suggestions:


Wallet/ clutch style with slots for lots of cards

Spot for checkbook

Zipper spot for coins

Room for a Chapstick

Spot for phone

Cross body strap


No local stores here have anything like this.

Online I'm looking at one by Vera Bradley, "iPhone clutch wallet".

No idea on other brands to look at, I'm not really a fancy bag kind of gal ;)


I prefer sportier looking bags like Kavu, but could do a Vera Bradley if I have too.


Any ideas? Thanks


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Maybe something some Roots? I have a Roots handbag and it's made in Canada, and the leather and construction quality are excellent, especially for the price. They have a more sporty look. And they periodically send out discount codes.

Not sure about having a checkbook holder though, with the other features you want.


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Baggilini makes several small cross-body bags and clutches. I'm currently using one of their triple zip bags. It's very small, but a little bigger than a clutch. Small enough that it has loops on the back so you can thread it onto your belt if you prefer, though. I always wear it cross body. My iPhone 6s with a case fits into the back pocket. Amazon sells a bunch of them with free returns.

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Etsy for cute custom stuff


Be careful of the size of the VB bags. They haven't adjusted the phone wallet to the current larger sized phones. My iPhone 6 in a case wouldn't fit in the one I tried at a store. They definitely won't hold a checkbook. The online reviews are pretty helpful about fit if you can't try any in person. They also have a store locator.


Check Kipling and LeSportSac. There's another brand I bought from The Container Store of all places that was perfect on my last pre-more-kids Disney trip. I'll have to post and look so this doesn't get eaten.

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