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Who's going to tackle Saturday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Our A/C seemed to be going out yesterday.  Dh changed filters and turned it off in case it was freezing up.  Thought we'd have a miserably warm night but it was comfortable.  Please Lord let the a/c work.  We just got the fan replaced 3 months ago.  What gives???




Granddad is coming over at some point today.

Help 15 yo clean her room (if she needs it or will let me)

Make sure she does some math today since she'll be out all day Sunday

Try to get some Theology done today.

Putter around and try to tidy up a bit.

Dinner out

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Farmers' market Done

grocery. Done

Pick up Ds at my mom's. Done

tag clothes for consignment  Done enough for tonight.

print school stuff and meal calendar  Done

take Dd to cotillion. Done. 

housework  Done

church prep Done


dinner - meatloaf, salad and other veggies  Done

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  • Slept in, yay yay yay!  Until about 8:30 and then I had a coffee and sat by myself for an hour!!!!  :p  [done]

Get kids up & ready & off to math class.  Work while they compute.  [done]

Buy museum membership so we can enjoy several weeks of fun stuff.  [done]

Kids to museum for an exhibit / activity about global foods.  [done]

Kids to India festival.  [done]

Library.  [done]

Assign kids' work for today.  [done]



Some other housework.

A little reading.

A little exercise.

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Good morning! dh and ds3 are off to the tennis tournament. ds3 still has a pretty good cold, so I hope that things go well. Ds2 is taking the ACT this morning. Hopefully, it is not as disaster. I took dd2 to practice and will head back over in about  90 minutes. I have to pick up some bagels for the team brunch following practice this morning.


To do:

clean kitchen

laundry (done)

daily chores

brunch with team

home to rest for a bit

bbq with high school swim team

dd2 to birthday party

Pick up dd2


Have a great day!

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Looks like I should have stayed in bed today.  Just got done hollering at my kids.  Seems that certain people always need to sabotage when I try to do something extra nice.


My own reaction wasn't the best.  I am having another lovely visit with my "Friend" so I may be a little unpredictable right now ....

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A late start today thanks to a long dental appointment and some advil pm!  


Dh an elder ds are off at a football game, younger ds is at work, and dd13 is immersed in the world of Minecraft


Need to do:

quick vacuum and dusting for downstairs


library for some mystery/suspense books I found recommendations for

a soft dinner out, hopefully

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The food exhibit at the museum was really cool.  They say they are going to have a cooking lesson every Saturday until the exhibit ends in January.  The new outdoor animal exhibit is nice too - and it has some play stuff for the kids to climb on.  I look forward to coming many more times over the next several months.


After the museum, we met some friends at an India festival, where we ate, tried some new flavors, and the girls got mehndi painted on their calves.  (So they can cover it up at school.)  Then I went to the library to pick up / reserve our next 2 audiobooks.  I made the kids watch a video about the Aztecs, Incas, and Mayas and then read a little.  So you could say it was a reasonably productive day.  Except, I didn't get much work done yet.

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