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Phi Eta Sigma honor society??

Lynn in Caribbean

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My dd (sophomore in college) received an invitation to join "Phi Eta Sigma" honor society - based on her GPA for her freshman year.


Has anyone ever heard of this?  Just wondering if it is legit, and, if so, what would be the point of joining.


Only $25 to join and get a certificate, but just sounds like a scam to me...


Thanks for your input!

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It was a freshman honorary for students who had above a certain gpa. I was in it during college. It simply involved going to initiation & receiving pin & certificate. It went on my college resume.


My oldest did not join. I was fine with it either way. I did make her join Phi Kappa Phi as a junior. She agreed once she learned she did not have to go to initiation.

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Ds was invited to Sigma Alpha Pi Leadership Honors Society at his school. $85. Everything has a fee. Everything. When I was in college, these kinds of honors from Dean's List dinners to society honors and such were free to the student.


This is happening everywhere. This year the 4H awards banquet cost $25 per family to attend. Sigh...despite the fact that 4H Council had the money to put it on for free and especially for the families of 4H members being honored and should have done so. Then they got upset by how few honorees showed up.


Really???? Pay $25 in order to receive your 50 cent certificate with a 50 cent seal? Families and students are constantly bombarded with fees. Not surprising they sat that one out.


Ds is not pleased about the $85 so may not participate.

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Right out of college, I landed my first public school teaching job when during the interview the principal commented that she was in the same honor society in college and that she'd be glad to hire me to help a "sister" out!  Hopefully, my other qualifications factored in but the honor society definitely gave me an edge.  (I never told her I attended zero of their meetings and events!)




Plus just this year, the chairman of the classics society mentioned to my son during his interview for their Masters Program that he was impressed with his membership in three honor societies for classics and/or economics.


They noticed and so it definitely was worth the $25 to join.



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