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fun ideas for children's area at church festival?


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Basically what the title reads: I'm looking for a few new, fun, easy to set up, inexpensive activities for children. We are outside, no electricity, water is possible but not easy. We're looking for a mix of free activities and fee activities.


Some free activities:

- coloring a giant mural of the earth with sidewalk chalk

- making huge bubbles (or small bubbles, but we have those large bubble making sticks)

- a few easy carnival games (think: ring toss)


Some pay activities:

 - a few minute-to-win-it games (these are a PITA to set up, but kids like them)

- RC track

- lollipop tree

- creation station, with rotating activities (sand art jewelry; small canvas painting; slime making)


Any suggestions for us? 

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I Spy Scavenger Race....4 contestants run to a table, find the designated item, and bring it back to starting line. The items should go with your theme. Fall Fest, so maybe a basket, a maple leaf, lunch box, a gourd, a mini-haybale etc. a pie dish, etc. When the race starter announces the designated item, he should show one so everyone knows what they are looking for. Drop a leaf instead of a starting flag. Have enough multiples on the table so each contestant can bring one back. List the items to retreive randomly so the starter doesnt have to do the randomizing, or draw from a deck.

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