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Need help translating this

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It says "breakfast" (the two bigger characters to the left) and "eat one (breakfast) is good nutrition."


It's not dumb, but not sophisticated either ðŸ˜


(This is from my Chinese SIL; she attended the top uni in China and can translate old Chinese poetry with all its nuances ... not that such knowledge was needed for this shirt :) ... Anyway, sounds like you can enjoy wearing it now :) )



ETA: I looked at it more closely and realized I know one character, haha – the second character from the top in the longer column is just a line going straight across horizontally ... that naturally means "one." Now you can show off :)

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Yay!!! Thank you so much for the help, Laura! (According to Google, the following means Thank You in whatever "simplified Chinese" is)  :)





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