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TPS Writing Fundamentals 6? (xpost to Logic Board)


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Has anyone used this course? 


I suggested that a friend with a seventh grader look at TPS's English 1/Narnia class, but the student placed into Writing Fundamentals 6. 


The student is coming out of public school, and his grammar is weak. His parents will be doing Rod & Staff 6 with him. The child is bright and his father has a solid understanding of grammar, so I know the student will be up to speed with grammar by the end of this year.

I'm wondering if it's worth taking Writing Fundamentals 6, if the student is already working through R&S 6?


How much of the WF6 class is grammar?


How much writing do students in WF6 do?  What sorts of writing do they do? Can anyone give me an example of what writing assignments students might do over a two to four week period?


Thank you for any feedback or information!  My family has used TPS's Narnia & Eng 3: Lit Survey in the past and those were exceptional, but I have no experience with WF.




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