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Help me build How To Win Friends & Influence People-type curric

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DD12 has been pining away for her gymnastics class all summer and she just returned today only to discover a complete overhaul of the program and all new coaches and assistants. The assistants for her level have good gymnastics skills and she says they teach well but they're young and a little too cocky with their newfound authority (they come up through the program, so they were students just last year) so they're bossy, a bit aggressive and abrasive. After thinking it over out loud she decided she would like to continue in the program because she feels she can learn what she wants to learn and progress so she decided to take this on as a personal challenge to see if she can connect with her coaches in a way that will change the tone to a more positive one. She's looking to approach this formally, as part of her curriculum. Of course, after paying for the gymnastics classes money is tight, lol, so we're looking for resources that are free or nearly free. Websites, videos,  great books, etc. Any suggestions?

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