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Online planners -- PROS and CONS of different planners

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I use HST.  What I like is that allows me to put absolutely everything in there, including chores, appointments, etc.  I also like that it allows me to use blocks of time rather than specific times.  We just are not structured enough to put a time on things.  


What I do not like about it is that you cannot see the full assignments online.  You have to print out a task list to see the full assignment.  When you look at it online, you have to click on the individual assignment to get page/chapters.  But some of our assignments are for the whole week, so it is really important that my kids see the entirety of all their assignments on one page so that they can plan when they need to get each one done.  As a result, I am having to print out a chart for them every single day.  


Oh, their Support totally rocks!  They go really out of their way to help.  


If you have specific things you are looking for in an online planner, let me know, and I could probably tell you if HST will do it.

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I use Scholaric. It's meant to be printed out and handed to the child, which is what I need. There is a small learning curve to using it, but the developer responds quickly to questions, and there's a blog to help. It's $5 a month for up to 3 children. There are no times, but instead a list of subjects and assignments. I print out a week at the time normally. I'm addressing things mentioned in pp--Scholaric doesn't provide those things either but I don't need them. You can schedule things for certain days, schedule out the entire year, mark out vacation days so it will skip them, bump ahead and back as you need, and out events in everyone's calendar--i.e. Leave for dentist at 2 pm Wednesday. Or whatever.

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