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Need an Online German Course

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My 11th grader is attending a private classical school for high school (we home schooled through 8th). He would like to learn German but will have to take it after school hours, so I've been looking for online options for him. He's done Rosetta Stone for Spanish before - and I don't love the program, but I know it's an option. I looked at the Well Trained Mind Academy, and If he could participate in the live course, I'd consider it. But, given the time conflict, he'd have to take the delayed course which means watching recorded lessons with no teacher/language interaction. I don't think that would be a good way to learn a foreign language, though I don't have experience with it.


Does anyone have suggestions for a good online language course, or some other option? I am starting to lean to Rosetta Stone anyway...as it's cheaper and may be equal to a delayed course option.

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Is this just for casual interest or are you hoping to get high school or college credit?


I don't think Rosetta Stone teaches grammar, although if you just want to be conversational, that may not matter. If that is the case, though, you may want to look at Duolingo which is similar to RS but free.


Have you looked at German online from Oklahoma State? It looks like some amount of Skype tutoring is included.


There are also a number of websites where you can arrange a Skype tutor. Some of those tutors seem to follow a curriculum, and most offer a free trial lesson.

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We have Duolingo and he's used it but I don't think he'd be disciplined enough to do it on his own (i.e. without a teacher). I would like to have grammar too. Ideally, a high school credit(college credit not required). There are so many that are offered online, that's it's hard to wade through it all and I was hoping for a rec from someone. Cost is also a factor - but even though I consider Well Trained Mind Academy to be expensive since we already pay for school, it is a full year course and offers a transcript that I could use to qualify as high school credit. I'll have a look at Oklahoma State courses. Thanks.

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