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Can anyone tell me about Future Problem Solving?

Little Nyssa

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My 7th grader has been offered the chance to participate in Future Problem Solving at middle school. Anyone know about it?

I've read over the description and it seems to me that middle schoolers don't yet have the factual knowledge across many fields to give them a basis to try to grapple with the big issues that they are supposed to come up with "solutions" for. That seems kind of loosey-goosey. I'd rather have him spend his time learning a new language or doing logic or something more specific. This year the topics include identity theft, 3D printing, educational disparities. I don't really get it.

Have any Hive kids participated in it? Is it worth it?

It seems to be the only thing offered for GAT this year at the school, besides math, so I hate to dismiss it out of hand.

Thanks! Nyssa

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It is used as extension. Logic or a second language would probably be better but if they are not offered at least it gives some variety. Your choice after all is this or nothing not this or logic and another language.


Ds9 tested into q similar thing this year and last year. He doesn't like it much and neither did the other gifted kid I know of. A lot of kids like it though (bright achievers?) and the parents feel like the school is offering 'cool gifted programmes'.

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I don't know anything about this particular program but it sounds similar to other challenges like First Lego League or even the Girl Scouts Awards. I think the kids are meant to research, interview and consult with experts, identify a problem in those areas and come up with a solution. It doesn't have to be a completely new solution, it could be a tweak of an existing one that brings value etc. Can your reach out to parents of kids who are in the program at the school and see what they think?

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