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Help! Did I ruin my oven???

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COnfession time: I only clean the oven when we move, unless it self-cleaning. We move frequently (military!) so this has never been a problem. Well, our non-self-cleaning oven is really, really yucky- lots of burned crustys. And MIL comes on Thursday. SO, I thought I'd clean it.


I sprayed it with cold clean stuff, and left for gymnastics. I told DH not to use the oven. Came home, wiped it out, not all the way clean. So, I spray it again, but neglect to tell DH, and go back to gymnastics. Weelllll...DH heats up the oven to make himself some chicken nuggets, and toxic fumes fill the house. He calls, less than thrilled.


Oven is cool, and I cleaned off the baked-on toxic oven cleaner. But, how do I know I got it all??? Can I heat up the oven and "burn" it off? I don't want to cook in it and get that toxic stuff in our food!! I've never had to use an oven I just cleaned, so I have no idea how to make sure the cleaner is really *all* gone!

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Are there any instructions on the can? What about just leaving the oven door open for a couple of days to let what may be left evaporate? You might want to also just give it a good clean with soap and water, lots of water to dilute the leftover chemicals.

Once you do all that it can't be any worse than some of the processed food we eat!:lol: ( sorry, but my nature is to just make light of most things) You'll be ok.

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You didn't ruin the oven. I don't know which oven cleaner you used but usually after the oven has heated the oven cleaner will leave a white film if not completely cleaned off. That is the toxic cleaner.


I would just wash the oven out with dish detergent and water. This will help with the smell next time you turn of the oven. Then you know all the cleaner is removed.

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After you wipe it down, fill up an old flat pan with hot tap water and put it on the bottom shelf. Turn on the oven to about 400, and set your timer for 90 minutes. After that amount of time, turn off the oven and open it and leave the room.


The water will vaporize and kind of rinse off the sides of the oven, and make all the residue soften and/or dissolve. Once it cools off, wipe the oven again and you should be just fine. Just don't put your hand in until it cools off, as the steam will give you a horrible burn.

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