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Question about Lial's CD - video lectures

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I'm considering purchasing Lial's Prealgebra: An Integrated Approach. I'm not sure if I'll buy 3rd or 4th edition - probably whichever is cheaper unless there is a good argument for one over the other.


I'd really like to purchase the CD lectures that correlate with the lessons. Are there multiple editions of the lectures? ... If I buy the CD's do I need to be careful to purchase the correct edition that correlates to the textbook? The CDs that I saw on Amazon say first edition and I'm wondering if I can use these to go along with the 3rd or 4th edition text.


Can anyone help answer this for me? I'd really appreciate it!  :)

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If you want to use the CD lectures then look for an edition 2010 or newer.  They did a major update (texts and technology) in 2010-- older editions may have software compatibility issues with newer computers...


Because of the format change, I suggest getting the CD that goes with the text you have-- especially if a student will be using it as primary instruction (I think it works better as an optional support feature).  ISBNs for support items are usually located on back of student text.  Not all support features are available for non-college-attending students (they are made help pair student to instructor...).



Note-- The 'Integrated Approach' edition has the SAME concepts in the TOC as the regular 'Pre-Algebra' editions that are cheaper because they are more commonly used.  The regular text IS integrated for this particular level (Pre-Algebra).


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