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Anyone use BookShark Grade 4 Condensed American History?

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I was wondering if anyone has used BookShark grade 4 Condensed American History.. I THINK it is similar in many ways to Sonlight D+E combined American History sans the religious aspects.


We have used BookShark for two years now... and it works very well for us.. however this is my first foray into a condensed year.. my fourth grader would have been in their Year 1 American History but it was moving too slowly for him and he is MUCH happier with the condensed version... However, they do not offer a corresponding LA condensed.. they only offer a regular grade 4 LA that seems to correspond to their regular year 2 American History program..

 This is problematic because it has my son reading readers and then the LA guide says "refer to the history guide for comprehension questions.." however in the history guide, that book is NOT scheduled at that time.. if it is scheduled it is for a different week entirely...


If I just follow the reader guide for history, some of the LA assignments make no sense.. such as a writing assignment that uses the book The Great Horn Spoon.. if he goes by the history program.. it isn't assigned when it is in the LA program and he would not have read it yet.. however if he reads it as assigned in the LA program.. there are no questions...


I am considering purchasing the Sonlight D/E LA and seeing if that would work... but I am really not sure if they would align at all either..



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