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Classics for 8-10yo


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What are your favorite classics for ages 8-10 yo? I am wanting to expand their literature exposure but not quite sure where to start. What classic books have your kids enjoyed listening to at this age? My girls will not be reading these books, they will either be read aloud to them or we will get them as audio books to listen to while driving, we do a lot of driving so listen to a lot of audio books but up to this point there really have not been any "classics" in our audio library. Thanks

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I don't have girls, but at that age I enjoyed

The Secret Garden

A Little Princess

The Canterville Ghost

Five Little Peppers

Under The Lilacs

Rebecca Of Sunnybrook Farm

Anne Of Green Gables


Ones my children have enjoyed:

Peter Pan

Alice In Wonderland (and Through The Looking Glass)

The Jungle Book (and Just So Stories)

Treasure Island

A Christmas Carol

The Wizard of Oz series


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We listen to the classics on audiobooks for the most part--we also spend a lot of time in the car! we listened to Winnie the Pooh and it was fantastic and all 3 of my kids, age 6-10, loved it. We also listened to Peter Pan, and the Secret Garden, and are now listening to Alice in Wonderland.


Just as an aside, we recently listened to The BFG and it was the best audiobook we have listened to...I'm tempted to listen again. I can share the narrator if you want me to find out. :)

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As always, I find myself a little teetering on the subject of "what do you mean by classics?"


If you're commencing a study of children's literature, though, you absolutely must include something by Nesbit, either Five Children and It or The Railway Children, depending on how much everybody likes fantasy. There would be no children's literature as we know it without her efforts, and her work is still readable - and quite enjoyable! - today.


Note: There is one chapter in Five Children and It that has some pretty old-fashioned views towards Native Americans, however, given the episodic nature of the story you can actually just skip that chapter entirely if you like.

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As always, I find myself a little teetering on the subject of "what do you mean by classics?"



Lol, I found myself teetering on that particular subject while writing the initial post but could just not come up with anything that better attempted to describe what I was looking for :laugh:

I guess I am wanting good quality literature that would be suitable for 8-10yo's in terms of content that they will enjoy. Ideally I need some "older" titles, we have read a lot of modern literature but not so many older titles

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My girls are 8 and 10.  Here are some books that we've enjoyed (as read-alouds or audio books):


The Penderwicks

The Book of Three (Lloyd Alexander)

Ramona and her Mother

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban


and audio collection of dragon stories from Kenneth Grahame & E. Nesbit


Last year we enjoyed:

quite a bit of the Narnia books

a whole slew of Dick King-Smith (The Water Horse, Three Terrible Trins, Martin's Mice)

A Bear Called Paddington

Dragon Rider (Funke)

Farmer Boy (Little House books) 

Charlotte's Web

The Hobbit

In Grandma's Attic (plus sequels) - Arleta Richardson

Oddfellow's Orphanage

a lot of James Herriot


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I have boys.


Five children and It

Alice and wonderland an through the looking glass

The Lion the witch and the wardrobe

Abridged version of Journey to the centre of the earth and the wizard of Oz

Rikki Tiki Tavi

Tales of Anansi

Usborne Greek Myths

All of Kate Dicamillo (not classics but lovely to read aloud)

Mary Poppins (ds7 is rereading these and tells me he in on the third book now)

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Robinson Curriculum list


Ambleside Online  (look at the appropriate grade level booklists)


1000 Good Books List


These are some lists from classical eras (there may be some modern books, but you can easily find the classics/living books for the right age), there are many more if you Google for CM, classical, etc.



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