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I can't help you as I haven't been through this, but I just want to respond to your comment about "this is what I get for homeschooling."


A relative of mine experienced a great deal of homesickness when she went away to college.  She had been in the public school system all her life, had been in clubs and activities, been on campouts, etc.  And still she experienced great  homesickness.  (She got over it; it took a few weeks, IIRC, but she did well after all.)


Don't jump to blame (or accept blame for) homeschooling!



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Please don't think I was blaming homeschooling - the other person was!  Family closeness is one of the things I love about homeschooling, I just worry that the closeness may have made flying the nest harder for her.  I know it (the closeness) will be a good thing in the end, I'm just sorry (for her) that it's so hard now.  If that makes any sense.  Which it probably doesn't!




Ah sorry.  It sounded as if you were blaming yourself/homeschooling (along with the other person blaming homeschooling). 

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It will be better now that classes have started!  


I would also encourage her to check out the various clubs and activities that are usually 'on display' at the beginning of the semester, if she hasn't done so. Just get out of the room and see some of the cool stuff on offer, she doesn't have to make any commitments. 


My dd has enjoyed video chatting with all of us or with her sister. It's really amazingly like having an in-person conversation; I feel like I have 'seen' her when we are done, as opposed to a regular phone call. Her sister will walk around with the iPad and show her the cats and so forth, lol. 


How far away is she? Are there any visits planned, either her coming home or you going up there? That made a big difference to my dd, knowing exactly when we planned to be there, and when we plan to have her come home. She is not a 'we'll wait and see' kind of kid; she had to ink it on the calendar. 


I wouldn't necessarily be concerned at some tears during a phone call if she is otherwise active and engaged on campus. To me, that would mean not only attending class but also going to movie night, playing cards with suite mates, getting out and seeing people in whatever format. I would want this to be happening by the second full week of class for sure. 


Don't feel bad, some kids just struggle more than others, and there is no magic way to prepare them. In the end, it doesn't matter much if Kid A cries the first couple of weeks, as long as they make it through. And if they don't make it through? I'd encourage them to try, and do whatever I could to enable them, but coming home or transferring isn't a disaster. Life goes on. 


I got lots of kidding about how much time dd spent at home and with us, but she is the one who chose an out-of-state school 7 hours away, while many of the kids who had a more typical 'school and peers' experience refused to even consider anything other than our state flagship 2 hours away, with plenty of students they already know.


I don't take credit for her willingness to go farther away, just like I won't take blame that the only reason my youngest will consider it is bc big sis is already there, lol. 


They are their own people, with their own experiences and reactions. 

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