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Susan Wise Bauer

Welcome to the discussion board for Great Journey Narratives!


This discussion board is a place for all learners enrolled in the Great Journey Narratives course--whether live class, delayed class, or independent module--to exchange ideas, talk about topics covered in class and in the readings, and generally share thoughts about the material we're studying.

Part of self-education is talking about the ideas that come up as you read, not just reading them. (See The Well-Educated Mind for more!) And because many of us don't live in communities chock full of eager readers, we may need to find our intellectual companionship online.
I hope this board will serve this purpose. Until January 2017, I'll be checking it once a week. I probably won't be able to interact extensively with the discussions (that's what class is for), but please talk to each other, encourage each other, and offer each other your thoughts. Also, please feel free to post links to other readings, films, articles, and anything else that might be of interest to your fellow readers.
Welcome, and enjoy!
Susan Wise Bauer

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