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History-Where to start new homeschoolers?


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Hello. This will be my first time homeschooling as I have pulled my kids out of public school and I'm going to follow the WTM plan. I will have a 4th grader and 1st grader. The books says history should be taught in chronological order. So should I start them both with Ancients or follow the book by doing Ancients for 1st grade and Modern for 4th grade? Thanks!

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I would do ancients for both! You can mix in some logic stage ancients for the 4th grader if grammar ancients aren't enough challenge.


The first SOTW is really written to a young student so I'd probably have something a little more age appropriate for the older. :)

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No, just start with Ancients. You could do something like:


1st/4th Ancients

2nd/5th Middle Ages

3/6th  Early Modern

4th/7th Moderns


Then start the cycle over. Your high schooler will have an extra year somewhere. But you can use that for State History or in depth Government/Civics when that time comes. The older still has time for 2 cycles through history, the younger for 3.


There are some pages that describe "starting in the middle" and combing more than one child in WTM history sections somewhere.


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