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Classic Learning Test?

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Has anyone heard of this?  They are offering a full 4-year scholarship to the first student to receive a perfect test score of 120!




"Classic Learning Initiatives exists as a small component of a much larger contemporary endeavor to repair the rupture between intellectual pursuit and virtue.  The ancient Greek philosophers stressed the same basic ideas about education that home-school parents and classical school educators affirm today.  How someone learns to think, what they read, and how they live, are all intricately connected.  Mainstream education in America is failing because the pursuit of virtue, as classically understood, has been lost.  

Ironically, even the best classical schools and Christian colleges defer to the big "value neutral" standardized tests when looking for a measure of an applicant’s intellectual capacity. Historically, colleges have had to defer to these tests because they were the only tests available.  Now, however, the Classic Learning Test (CLT) offers students, colleges, and parents a third option.  Students can take a shorter exam at a local testing center, receive their score in less than a week, and have their score sent directly to any of the colleges listed on our site.  

We are pleased to offer the Classic Learning Test to the students, families and college administrators that have been yearning for change in the American education system. We plan to be an active voice in the ongoing discussion surrounding the standards for college acceptance."



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