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If you don't like Apologia..

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We use BJU DLO. Apologia was too light for my science-loving-astronaut-wanna-be, so we use BJU. I think it is easily an honors level (we've used them since 6th grade for science) or higher. It's very thorough and very detail oriented. As are very hard to come by.



BJU uses video/audio lectures?

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Abeka (digital media aids (slides and videos) in support of regular or digital textbook) - Matter & Energy; Biology; Chemistry; Physics

BJU (Distance Learning) Physical Science; Biology; Chemistry; Physics

Switched On Schoolhouse (CD-rom) -- Integrated Chemistry & Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics

DIVE Science (internet textbook, video lectures, video labs, printable workbook with video solutions) -- Integrated Chemistry & PhysicsBiology, Chemistry, Physics


The 101 video series (Biology 101, Chemistry 101, Physics 101) is very light, and would work as a *middle school* level introduction to science subjects, OR as a video supplement to a more complete high school program. From the Cathy Duffy review, I would hesitate to use it as a stand-alone science program for a full high school credit, as she says that the lab component is very minimal, and what labs there are, as well as a number of the supplemental books, are below-high school level. She recommends substituting high school level books, or even using a high school textbook and letting the 101 videos and other materials supplement as a very workable option.



Thinkwell (computer CD-Rom) -- AP Biology; AP Chemistry

Khan Academy (online; supplement) -- Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy & Cosmology

Bright Storm (online; supplement) -- Biology, Chemistry, Physics

Teaching Company: Chemistry (DVD or video download) -- high school level

Conceptual Chemistry (John Suchocki) -- video supplements for the textbook

Trivedi AP Chemistry (online; supplement)

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Maybe it's a bit challenging, but we found MIT's course to be the best we've ever (personally) seen, and - other than the price of books - is free: http://ocw.mit.edu/courses/chemistry/5-111-principles-of-chemical-science-fall-2008/


The book is also very good, but I'd recommend at least one chemistry course before taking this one.  It reviews the majority of a basic chemistry course in the prologue, so if you need review, it's available.

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