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Memory work for Middle/Renaissance period

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Before I begin to put some memory work together (yes, I am very late planning this year!!!) I was wondering if I wouldn't have to recreate the wheel and borrow some things others have used or will be using this year.  I am really open to just about any kind of memory work that deals with this time period-even biblical types of things.

Would sure appreciate some help at this late in the game




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Shakespeare would be ideal for this time period. We study famous excerpts from his plays and famous sonnets. Also, you might consider "Death Be Not Proud" by John Donne.


Here are two from Henry V:

  • This day is called the Feast of Crispianâ€
  • “Once more unto the breach, dear friendsâ€


Just a couple of ideas... :)


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Thanks for a great start!  I am looking for both dates and lit. monologues-really whatever that you have used.  This is really our first try at memory stuff beyond the basics of verses and even that was pretty shabby!  But I am not giving up and want a few ideas of things other than bible verses-KWIM!


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You might consider putting together a timeline of what you are studying in your content with history, lit, and science, and put it all on one timeline. Then build your memory work from there. I will look at my books and see if I have any timeline summaries. Some history curriculae (I think Story of the World) have a timeline list in the back. I will check.  I am using this with my youngest. I am also using Veritas cards which integrate Western culture history with Biblical events.


I am also working on memory work content. On the Veritas website, you can see an overview chart for their online memory work class, It is basic with a combo of grammar definitions, history, science, math facts, etc. but it has helped me with ideas.  I am researching online to find other online examples of memory work long term plans for ideas with structuring. This is just one idea. I know you are looking for specific content, so am I.



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