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Looking for the movie "Alas, Babylon"

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Are you looking for the TV episode from 1960? I didn't think it was made into a movie, per se. 


UCLA has a print of the TV show, it was presented in March of 2015. However there has never been a feature film of this novel, and Playhouse 90's adaptation is to blame. The version they made was so far from the novel that Harry Hart Frank (a.k.a. Pat Frank) resolved to never let the film rights be granted. As of 2015 the family is still holding to this, even after having been reportedly offered north of 20 million for the rights.



I found this on an answer site, but another site said UCLA doesn't have it in their archives. (I don't know enough to find out.) I did find a quote from a letter the author, Pat Frank, wrote the New York Times after it aired that said this about the TV adaptation:


I feel, now, as if I had sold one of my children into slavery, and now the child has been taken into a back alley and bludgeoned. I'll never again make the mistake of selling one of my novels to television, without insisting on a voice in the production. But, alas, my child is gone!


Good luck on finding a copy of the TV program (Playhouse 90).

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Thank you for clearing this up. It makes much more sense now. I had seen a trailer on Youtube but didn't watch it. I just assumed there was a movie. I just looked again on Ebay and it was 1st addition copies of the book I was looking at. Lol! Thanks again. The search is over.

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Is a thread where we can discuss our favorite post-apocalyptic novels? If so, I heartily recommend Riddley Walker. It's challenging reading, but the best in the genre, IMO. The author is Russell Hoban, who interestingly is also the author of the Frances the Badger books.

OT: I started this (probably on your recommendation!) But didn't get to finish it. I'll have to get back to it. I was blown away by the narrative of No Country For Ice Cream Star and intrigued to find Riddley Walker a prequel to this concept.

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