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help me understand swagbucks


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I have been using this as my search engine for a while now, and I have collected over 1000 points...but what I don't understand is how do they calculate when and how many points you get for your searches.  It all seems very random.  Is it?  One time I can wait days (I use swagbucks daily) for a mere 5 points...and then other times it seems like I get 18 points in a day's time.  Does it have something to do with new searches...or certain websites earn more?  or what?  Like I said, it all seems very random to me.





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It is very random, kinda like a lottery.


But you can get swagbucks for more than just searches.  I usually do like 50 to 100 SBs a day between the apps and Ncraves.  Right now, I am working on my grocery list to head to the store once DH gets back home from fishing, and running an SB app on my phone, plus Ncraves in another tab. 

can you please explain this to me?  I don't know how else to get points...and so I am curious about this.

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