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Any experience with Title I Reading and Math? Looking for feedback.

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Hi, (posted in the General Discussion forum as well, but not getting many responses).  I wondered if anyone has had experience teaching in Title I Reading and Math?  Or have had children in Title I?  There is a part-time position available nearby. I have taught in special education for several years before homeschooling. I have been out of the public schools for 20 years now and am pondering about whether to take on a part-time position.  


I am curious to know what you liked or did not like about teaching in Title I?


It sounds like they use a specific program and test kids often. So a lot of testing involved.


I am trained in Barton. The one thing I like seeing in those that I tutor is the progress without being uptight about testing.


If you taught in both types of classes, which did you prefer and why?  


Or, if you are a parent who has had experience with your child who received Title I services, I would appreciate your thoughts! 


Any other helpful hints, or things I should consider would be appreciated.  Thank you!

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I haven't taught Title I pullouts, but have taught in schools with Title I funds. In my experience, pullouts are used for the bottom X% changing every grading period. So, a kid might come to you for 8 weeks, but then be replaced if he's doing just a little better than someone else. Schools that were school-wide title I often would hire an extra teacher to reduce class size for everyone and allow more targeted services (sometimes with the added class being a smaller class for the kids who were in the bottom % at the start of the year) as opposed to pull-outs. After school tutoring was sometimes offered.


Since it's federal money, there is a ton of testing and assessment, and the focus tends to be on improving grades/test scores in the short term as opposed to building a firm foundation where the student is. Special Ed, unfortunately, has also been pushed in that direction.

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Good feedback, thank you.  I hear the school uses a program for reading called 'Mondo', which I haven't heard of. Anyone else have experience with it?


I know what you mean about the testing. That is the reason I am not jumping back in to teaching with full gusto. Too much emphasis on testing.  



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