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Who's going to tackle Friday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Good morning! 


Liz, I'm so jealous of your day!




breakfast and lunch for dh

fed cats



To Do:

shower and get dressed

breakfast and more coffee

pack car for co-op

go to co-op

laundry (sheets and towels)

get dd's room ready for nephew to come 

clean bathrooms and kitchen

sweep and vacuum

make final grocery list

maybe eat dinner out

grocery shop


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Friday already????



shower before workmen get here

wake kids up @ 8:45 - time decided on last night

15 yo needs to do math homework

Homeschool Latin

17 yo is going to orientation for Honors students at the CC at 12:30

(he had a terrific first week!)

15 yo to math tutor @ 2

Need to get to local rec center to sign up for something

Need to fill out and mail in AHG registration for this year

Need pet food

Need to figure out dinner (haven't cooked in 2 days)


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Good morning! Easy day here, no swimming (sigh, interim practice schedule), just aikido.


To do:

school with ds2 and ds3

get dh off to work (still on a call...)


make list for weekend

jen things if time

ds2 to aikido/ TJ run


Have a great day!

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Co-op went well today.


Sheets and some towels are ready to go in dryer.


Meal plan and grocery list are made in in my purse.


We are headed out to eat Japanese hibachi and a new express restaurant that is yummy. On to grocery shopping after that.


Tonight will be finish laundry, tidy up dd's bedroom to make sure there's room for all nephew's stuff, and clean bathrooms. I'll get the other main living areas tomorrow before we go to get him.



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