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Record books on a wall? (What do you have on your schoolroom walls?)


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I want to keep track of our books on a wall chart this year.  I thought about doing the caterpillar, with each body segment having a book on it, but I really don't have a good spot for that.  I have a room that's about 16' by 9', but I really only have about two 8' walls in it to use for school stuff.  (The other "walls" are either not there due to open floor plan, or have most of it taken up with doorways and windows)


Anyway, looking for something to hang that we can write books on (permanently, or maybe a Visavis would work, I don't want normal chalk or dry erase.  Not sure how chalk markers stay put), we also have some Wall Pops maps we will be hanging, I'm planning to do a reading corner with a beanbag and possibly some small shelves hung there.  Also will be taking up wall space with a few bookshelves as soon as I get them built.


Any ideas?

What do you have on your schoolroom walls?  (My kiddo will be doing 1st/2nd)

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