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Are these topics ok for high school biology?

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We are using the DragonFly book. Son would like a more plant and ecology focus. I looked over the book and I think we will skimp over the chapters after fungus and bacteria but then do the last unit which is human anatomy and physiology. So, cover the first unit (2 chapters) which is about science of biology and chemistry of life, 2nd unit (4 chapters) is on ecology and environment, 3rd unit (4 chapters) is on cells, 4th unit (4 chapters) on genetics, unit 6 (3 chapters) microorganisms and fungi, unit 7 (4 chapters) on plants, chapter 29 and 32 which compare invertebrates and chordates (survey chapters), and then unit 10 (6 chapters) on human anatomy and physiology. We will be using Science Shepherds evolution chapters instead of this books evolution chapters. This means that basically, we are doing all except 7 chapters.


How does this sound? Are there any other chapters I could reasonably skip and still make this a good bio course?

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