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To prolific homeschool bloggers

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Greetings Hive!


We’re looking for some of our forum users who regularly maintain blogs about their homeschooling experiences, curricula, and the materials they use. We are looking for a few specific things right now, specifically your evaluations of and experiences with history curricula, but that could change in the future, so we’re taking all submissions right now. We'll be picking some of these blogs to receive early copies of our upcoming products, to review or evaluate them and provide us with feedback.


So, if you are involved with a blog that fits these criteria, or that you think will fit them in the future, send me a link and I’ll check it out. If you’re not immediately picked, don’t be discouraged, because I’ll regularly be checking what is available and if something didn’t quite line up with what we needed one day, it might line up the next day.


To submit, send the link to your blog to books(at)welltrainedmind(dot)com, along with a link to a specific post that highlights your blog’s unique flair and if you’re feeling witty, your favorite animated gif, because that’s always fun.



I will be reading them.tumblr_o1wwrz5rW21tq4of6o1_500.gif

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