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Is anyone here familiar with how copyrights and trademarks work?


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My daughter wants to create an Etsy store where she sells some original artwork, mostly dinosaur-related stuff.  For a store logo or mascot she drew a sort of "cartoonized" version of a dinosaur, and gave it a very clever scientific-sounding name, which will also be the name of her Etsy store.  So, in a way she has created an original character, and my husband and I thought it was really well done and that she might want to offer some merchandise with this character on it.  It's the kind of thing you might see on a t-shirt, for example.  


So is that the sort of thing that we should copyright?


If I'm understanding correctly how this works, we would not seek a trademark, because a trademark is more like a brand name.  Is that right?


Any advice at all would be appreciated, as this is uncharted territory for us!

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