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My son is taking the photography class offered by FundaFunda.  http://www.fundafundaacademy.com/product/photography/


He loves it so far. Classes start this week (but the website opened early last week so DS got a bit of a head start). You can still enroll and not be behind. The photography course is a nice mixture of video instruction and reading online. No separate textbook to buy. DS has taken two other courses with FundaFunda previously and had a great experience in both. The courses are asynchronous (NOT a live class) but there are weekly deadlines to keep the student accountable. You can contact the teacher anytime there are questions or if help is needed. We've rarely needed to contact an instructor but when we do they have always been very quick to respond and friendly.


I know Landry Academy also offers photography but they are much pricier (unless you buy generic credits far in advance) and require sticking to a certain schedule.

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Thank you both for the Funda Funda recommendation.  I am hoping to see a sample, is one available?  I am not seeing it on their website.


I just started my search and found this Coursera course but have no idea how it compares to the Funda Funda course.  Here is a sample:



Info:  https://www.coursera.org/learn/exposure-photography

Looks like it is $79 for the full course


Thoughts on comparison?



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My daughter took a summer photography course online with TPS. She loved it. Her favorite part, besides finally learning how to use a DSLR, was the live critiques of each student's photos. She learned a lot and is taking some wonderful photos now. If she could have fit the regular, year long TPS class into her schedule this year, she would have!

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