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Best middle school/early high science text books - cross post


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I am after recommendations for the best text books written at an upper middle school/early high school level please. They need to be able to be used independently by the student and must be secular.

We have holt life science already.

My dd9 (4th grade) is asking for "adult text books" on science as apparently what we have already is not in depth enough for her and she seems to be left with more questions at the end of a chapter than answers.

I have quite a number of uni text books in chemistry and several biology fields however she is not at that level yet but is well beyond the elementary/early middle school books we have. Any recommendations of where to go from here? Thanks.

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I liked the Paul Hewitt Conceptual Integrated Science text. It's a college text I believe but used for early high school in posts I've seen online, so advanced content but conceptual--it doesn't require the upper level math understanding. The text felt like it might be a bit too much for my middle school kids without hand-holding from me, but might be just what you're looking for.

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Here are a few possibilities. I'm not sure any quite hits the level that you're looking for, and you may need to read these texts along with her.


Paul Hewitt's Conceptual Physics (not much math)

Campbell Biology: Concepts and Connections (high school, but less intensive than some other options)

CK-12 Life Science for Middle School is a downloadable middle school text (it may not be meaty enough, but it's a starting point and it's free!).

Exploring Geology by Stephen Reynolds (college level, but has lots of pictures)


Have you checked out the Homeschool High School Chemistry, Biology, and Physics threads in the high school board? 

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