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Ancient History Memory Work-passages from Plato?

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Let me say right now that I was not classically educated myself, and I haven't read Plato or any of the other ancient thinkers.  We did read the Odyssey in school.  And I don't really think I'm going to find the energy to sit down and do it now. :)  I'm just being honest.  Ideally, I'd like my children to read the original one day.  Right now my oldest is in 5th grade.  Last year she memorized part of the Gettysburg Address, Preamble to the Constitution, some US History-related things, etc.  In ancient history, this year, we are going to work on a timeline.  But I don't see much for passage-related memory work because, well, there wasn't much writing :)  And I don't have enough familiarity with it myself to have things that I love.  Can you give me some ideas of great philosophical passages for a 5th grader to memorize that might come back to her later in life?  I memorized poems and things (we do poetry too) from when I was a child and the words still come to me sometimes.  I have Living Memory (I think that's the name of it) and he lists an excerpt from The Apology by Plato where he's about to die.  The references are all about sons and death and etc.  I do think I may use one paragraph if I don't find something else--the one where he says he wants the friends to make sure they care more about virture than riches.  I've asked google, but I only find isolated quotes.  We are Christian, and I do have her memorize things from the Bible, but I'm looking for other things too.  Thanks.

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Aristotle. Socrates, I need to pull our my books on Socrates and see what we've used.


I need to get in thst too...we are approaching that level for my boys too.


I need to find the Socrates book I used with my oldest kids.

You could Google Socrates books and get them from the library so you don't have to buy them, see what you like best ...then buy it.


Maybe try the library too. They'll have things from Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, that you can see and use before you buy.


I day buy, because its something you'll use over and over again.


Veritas press has a slew of these kinds of books too.


I would love 1 of everything from veritas press :)

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Thanks for your suggestions!   Okay I know I'm splitting hairs here but Shakespeare was Middle Ages....still it doesn't hurt to memorize him over other things if there's not much else.  Will try Socrates.  I have the Plato book recommended in TWTM 4th edition on the way.  Or even parts of the Odyssey might be good too.  Something which they will see in cultural references later.  

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