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Literature study during block scheduling--how would you do it?

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For the first time ever, I'm going to be using block scheduling for some of our subjects this school year, most notably for science and history. My plan is to cover science for two quarters and history for the other two (I haven't decided yet if those quarters will be back to back or if we'll alternate--figure we'll play that by ear as we go). 


So my question is this--in the past we've always followed TWTM method and linked the bulk of our literature to our history studies, but since we won't be studying history throughout the entire year, what should we do for our literature during our science blocks? I've considered going ahead and having them still read through some of the history books that will go along with the time period that we'll be studying during the history block, just spreading them out throughout the year. But I've also thought of maybe using lists of great classic books that they haven't read yet and just working our way through those during our science blocks. Or maybe there's another option I haven't thought of yet? What suggestions do you have?

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