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HVAC gurus....


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Advise me..... We bought our 10-15 year old house last fall.  I know nothing of the previous maintenance on the home.


So far this summer, on our ac, we've had the home warranty company make the following repairs:


visit 1:

more freon


visit 2:

new capacitator

new wire (old one had burn marks!)

more freon


Today, I had visit 3:

needs new compressor

needs more freon--is leaking in compressor and down into the coil

had tripped the circuit


I think I'm close to hitting the max on our payout through our home warranty. I know we'll be paying for some of the repairs for sure.  I'm considering just getting a new unit.


What do I do? I'm beginning the calls to price out new ac and I have dealt with super slimy people and high pressure sales.  We use our ac 9 months out of the year because we live in the burning wasteland.  The sales people know we have two more months of 100F weather and they smell my desperation.





Please be my brain because it is too darn hot to think.  Also, please don't quote me, as I'll probably edit out my location, etc.

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 I would replace it.  IIRC, there's been changes in freon in the last few years.  When the guys come out to quote, they should count ALL your vents, not just go by the sq.ft of the house.  In this case, bigger isn't better.  You need the right size a/c unit for the amount of vents that will have air traveling through them.  Don't let someone try to tell you that the bigger unit will be that much more powerful and effective.

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within the past 5 years we've replace 2 units and just - wow  totally worth it.  We crank the thermostat  way down for this summer (this is the dirst year wwiht 2 newer units) and still we are 200 dollars less each month than  we were 5 years ago with 2 old units circa 1997



when we replaced the first unit downstairs it dropped our bill 150 a month but we were still using the old upstair unit.  We kept the temp set on 78 all summer and 68 all winter. 


This year we were able to keep our home cool the thermostat  has stayed on 72 on days cause of day  sleepers (the cooler house helps body adjust to a (regular type night sleep) 


My bill is till 200 under my 2010  bill even with lowering the thermostat  and the house is so much more comfortable




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The HVAC people are in my basement as I type replacing my furnace and AC.  I've been told to expect 10-15 years from an AC unit.  Since yours is used more than average and that you've added freon 3 times just this summer, I think it's time to replace.  Was there any kind of warranty on the house?  Since it's been less than a year, I'd be checking to see if any help is available on that front.  Otherwise, I'd just suck it up and replace the thing.  Our summer isn't near that hot but our house was over 80 day, I cooked or turned on the oven.  I can take heat quite well but I just couldn't take that day in and day out anymore.

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