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Say your child's school does not have detention but has Saturday school instead


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Personally I would be pretty irritated that my kid did something to potentially wreck the whole family's plans for the weekend. It would result in Saturday school plus extra consequences at home in the form of extra chores and lost privileges.


And yeah, I'd turn it up loud.

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A true story from a lady I know:

Her son, Kevin, got Saturday detention for something. When she went to pick him up, she made sure to get there early so she could park right in front on the school, and she was dressed in a bathrobe with her hair up in curlers, or something equally awful. As he exited the building, she run up to him and loudly exclaimed how much she lied him and how much she missed having him at home that day.

Once they were back in the car, she quietly stated that he would never have Saturday detention again. He did not.

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Saturday school when I was a student was for kids who fail PE. We get extra PE class on Saturday. Normal detention was after the last bell. Saturday was for school sports teams, band and choir to practice so people would actually come to school to hang out.


Here the schools are so quiet on Saturdays, sharp contrast to my childhood.

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