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Jousting Armadillos Series to Prepare for AoPS Geometry?

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DD12 is going into 7th.  She was ready for Algebra last year, but we took a year to review and fill holes from public school.  Ideally, I would use AoPS Algebra, but she is not ready for that method yet.  She is very good at math, but it causes anxiety and she still lacks a lot of self-cofidence (bad public school experience with math).  I'm hoping that using the second two books in the Jousting Armadillos series (I never remember the names) with Alcumus as supplementation would be enough to prepare her for AoPS Geometry.  She does want to go into the sciences, so obviously math is important, but I really want to get back that self-confidence and joy she had in math before her final year of public school.


TL;DR Are the second two Jousting Armadillos books with Alcumus enough to prepare DD for AoPS Geometry?

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