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Who's going to tackle Friday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Completely wasted day.


Twins were absolutely awful from the moment they woke up. By 10 am I finally got them settled a little bit and had one on either side of me doing reading eggs. Then the neighbour and her little girl came over for a play. She was here for just over an hour, the last half hour twins were deteriorating in behaviour. Ds12 took advantage of me entertaining neighbour and supervising play to wonder off to shed and work some more on his portable chook pen.


Gave twins early lunch and put them down for a long nap. I seperate them one in their bedroom, one on mattress in hallway. I had to stand outside bedroom door for around 30 minutes.


Tried to get ds to do some schoolwork. Other neighbour came over. Elderly man dying slowly from smoking.

Twin nap time over behaviour not improved at all. Tried again to get ds to do some schoolwork. Twins wouldn't stop bugging him. Now it is chore time.


For today ds has only half completed 1 math problem. I have at least half a head more grey hair I feel like kicking something. Twins have settled down watching play school. Argh! Ds has pretty severe dyslexia and cannot work with noise. He also has no intrinsic motivation. And is years behind in ability to read or write.

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Happy Friday!

We are getting dressed because we have to get to Costco and skedaddle back here in time to meet Grandma and Grandpa and loan them a couple little girls for camping. :)


Then, when the teens get home from work,  just DD(14) and I are OFF - coffee and haircuts this afternoon during naptime.


Toss in some school, some laundry, some bill payin' and that's my day in a nutshell. ;)

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Good Morning and TGIF!  :thumbup:


I can't wait to sleep in tomorrow morning...I so look forward to Saturday! 



drink lots of coffee 

quickly vacuum, dust and wipe down bathrooms

appliance repair guy coming for garbage disposal --leaking like crazy!  :scared:

hit the commissary 

come home and put it all away 

prepare dinner 

collapse in a heap on the sofa and watch tv 

sleep..blessed sleep!


Have a good day everyone 

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Good morning! We are starting to get into the groove here a little. Dd1 went to work out and then dh will take her to the airport. Dd2 is off to school. The boys are getting started on work. I got a temporary practice schedule last night for next week, so I am feeling a bit better about the schedule.


To do:


clean bathrooms

other chores

clean out pantry (container of tahini leaked)

school with boys

homework with dd2

ds2 has aikido

run to TJ's during aikido


Have a great day!

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Happy Friday!


This is the big day - our first kid-only friend sleepover.  I do realize that at nearly 50yo this should not be a first for me, but it is.


This is also the kids' last full day in town before school starts.  They leave tomorrow evening to hang with family while I attend/host a conference in DC.  We all return Tuesday, and school starts bright and early Wednesday morning.


I did what I could to be ready before today.  The house is reasonably clean, except for a few areas I need to address today.  I bought all the kids' school supplies and clothes early and put them away.  There were a few things I wanted to finish by Thursday, but I was overly optimistic.


The kids' schedule for today & tomorrow.

  • Arts sampler camp - a.m.
  • Lunch at McD's.
  • Friend's house for afternoon.
  • Horse riding.  (Friend's mom hands the 3 girls over to me until Saturday p.m.)
  • Dinner out.
  • Movie.  (The Secret Life of Pets.)
  • Sleepover at my house.  Mattresses on the living room floor.
  • Leisurely morning / breakfast / showers.
  • Probably lunch out.
  • Science Center until 5pm.  Sports science exhibit, Omnimax movie(s), whatever else they want to do.
  • Drive friend home.
  • Dinner with aunt.  I hand my kids over to aunt until Tuesday.

So with that in mind, my to-do list for today:

  • Kids up & off to camp.  [done]
  • Arrangements for kids' lunch and transit to friend's house.  [done]
  • Work.  Lots of people waiting on me for stuff.  [some]
  • A little reading.  [done]
  • A little exercise?  [nope]
  • Change out fish water.  [nope]
  • Clean some riding boots so friend can use & so I can donate the small ones.  [nope]
  • Final items in sister's donation box and find a temporary home for said box.  [nope]
  • Kitchen:  put away stuff that does not need to be out.  Clean the placemats.  Address fridge leak.  Put down rugs.  Fill fruit bowl.  [nope]
  • Find a new home for many shoes.  [done]
  • Kids' mattresses - bring down to living room and put on clean sheets.  Cover with sleeping bags and pillows.  [done]
  • Also bring down the bean bag chairs.  [done]
  • Put away kids' everyday bedding and whatever other mess they have around.  [some]
  • Change some light bulbs.  [nope]
  • A load or two of laundry?  [nope]
  • Figure out what school work to send with aunt tomorrow, since they did not finish this week.  [done]
  • Pack clothes for my kids for 3 days (Sat - Mon).  [nope]
  • Put the horse boots in my car.  [done]
  • Meet the kids at the horse barn.  [done]
  • Work at the horse barn.  Also take some photos & text them to the other mom.  :)  This is her daughter's first time riding.  [done]
  • Take the kids out to eat.  [done]
  • Kids to movie.  [done]
  • Kids home & settled.  [done]
  • Work?  Or collapse?

PS I can't start any of the above, except for "work work," until I have the house to myself.  I am not sure when that is going to happen as the other person here is working from home until she sends out some stuff.

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Well, I never did get the house to myself Friday, so I didn't do half of the things on my list.  I guess it doesn't matter that much.  Some will get done Saturday, some is just not that important.


The kids are having a good time.  After we got home from the movies, they wanted to watch Harry Potter on DVD, so they did that until about 11:45, at which time they did not protest when I said they should finish it in the morning.  Hopefully everyone wakes happy.


Now I need to go to bed, so I can be supermom tomorrow again.  :p

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9 lessons all done

9 activities all done

9 activities packed along with supplies

gave pet sitter the run through

ds - cleaned the cat's bathroom really well

watered the death plant

got cat litter and food

got some food for camp

family was starting to do their laundry.  I need to do mine tomorrow

paid bills


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