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AWESOME clothes deal for kids on H&M!!


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The styles are limited, but H&M has a 9.99 top/pants clothing deal. You can pick a pair of pants AND a top (as long as they are marked "DEAL") and the set is 9.99. For boys there are jeans, twill pants, jogging pants and some long-sleeved shirts (the shirts aren't great, but they're okay, and basically free since the pants are usually $10-12 anyway), and for girls there are jeggings, jogging-type pants and a few different shirts. I was buying mostly sizes 3/4, but there are also a few things to pick from for babies and older kids.


I bought (for grandkids) 3 pair of jeans/twill pants, 2 pair jeggings, a pair jogging pants, a pair of baby treggings (they're like a thick knit legging made for babies), and 7 tops to go with it for $73 shipped including tax!


I've bought the boys' twill pants and jeans before and dd really liked them on dgs.


I'm not sure how much longer it's going on, but I looked just now and it's showing on the front page in one of the little squares with a "shop now" link. The free shipping over $40 code is 0040 at checkout (they tell you at checkout and remind you to use it if you go over $40).


Just wanted to share...

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