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Frog experts: chrysanthemums?


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Our 3 year old fed the tadpoles chrysanthemums, or so the story from the other siblings go. All I know is that we have a pool of dead tadpoles, then dead frogs, and a bunch of incriminating chrysanthemum petals floating on the top. The only difference in our habitat from yesterday to today was the chrysanthemum offering.


(FYI, we are raising invasive bullfrog tadpoles, which makes me feel only slightly better about the genocide. Slightly.)



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Chrysanthemum dust used for insect control can absolutely harm garden frogs, so yes, it could have killed your bullfrogs.:(. As DD's field bio mentor puts it, tadpoles are built cheap and in large quantities because they die so easily, and a lot of non-native plants are toxic to frogs from outside their area. It happens, especially with over enthusiastic little ones. It also happens not infrequently when plants are picked for outdoor gardens based on their beauty and drop petals into garden ponds.


You may still get a few visiting frogs this year-in most of the USA, the frog season lasts until you start getting freezes (and if you don't get hard freezes, the frog season never stops). I'd remove the flowers and replace a good chunk of the water.

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