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Comparing homework amount (AOPS vs WTMA)

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I'm still wavering between doing Algebra 1 through Aops online and taking it through the WTMA-Aops based. As I'm trying to fit more classes into DS's schedule I'm thinking the slower pace of the WTMA (taking the whole school year verses one semester) will allow us to do that. But with the slow down do they actually do less homework or are there more problems but they just don't move on so fast? From the looks of it WTMA seems to be run more like a traditional school with tests, quizzes, etc. So I'm

thinking they may actually have a lot more homework.


Anyone out there who has done both and can comment on the time commitment required?

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WTMA assigns about 7 to 9 problems that just require a numerical answer. Some are fairly easy, some are tough. In addition to that, they'll usually have 2 or 3 proof problems where you have to write out an explanation of your answer step by step. These tend to be harder problems.


Dd has also taken a problem solving class at AOPS (not Algebra so it may be different). They get about 12 to 14 problems a week, most of them tough. They only require a numerical answer, no written explanation.


Dd has spent similar amounts of time on the two classes each week. She spent about an hour a day including class time on both.

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